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Busy with my band

2010-11-28 08:35:47 by FazzleMan

yeah... we're actually playing shows now!

Starting work on Smidge 2

2010-07-18 18:43:38 by FazzleMan

Well, its been a while since I've made a 'new' smidge game (Smidge in ToasterLand2 came out a little while ago but it was basically just the first game with a graphic update and a change in Toaster speed)

This time I'm doing all of the work (my friend Kwing, who would usually help me out has decided to stop focusing on childish things 'aka ME' so he won't be helping.

This one will be much better than the first, an actual story (even if it is a bit silly) with cut-scenes is promised, and the hitboxes for the obstacles and enemies won't be messed up like the were in the first game. And it'll have a cool boss battle different than the first game.

Lookin forward to making this one! :D

Also, here is a picture of my dog!

Starting work on Smidge 2

I madez a new song

2010-06-15 12:33:12 by FazzleMan

Its a redo of an older one.

New song

2010-06-11 22:07:58 by FazzleMan

a cover of Daft Punk's "Aerodynamic"


2010-05-25 16:52:14 by FazzleMan


You Tube video STARRING ME!!!! (okay not exactly)

2010-05-04 20:00:54 by FazzleMan

So, some friends of mine started up a modding channel on youtube a couple months ago, so I figured I'd grace them with my presence.... okay, so i begged them to let me put a video up on their account.
It's a little tutorial on Emulations, I also made them a little intro for their vids.
Not a bad day i guess ;P

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In a songmaking fenzy

2010-02-23 21:45:00 by FazzleMan

Yeah, they're not good, but i can't stop!


2010-02-18 20:29:58 by FazzleMan

Really bored lately.
Made 2 new techno-ish songs. "Bounce" and "Muse Loop"
Not much else...

Haikus are easy...
But sometimes they don't make sense...

Got the band together

2010-01-09 23:59:15 by FazzleMan

Finally, after months of searching for people who were good at playing rock instruments.... I stopped searching and settled for my mediocre friends :D Our new band is called "Operation Midnight Jackal" Yay for music

So our new game just came out

2010-01-06 18:19:06 by FazzleMan

I'm pretty disappointed with the score. But, oh well, at least we got it done.